in the following you find the core structure of a HEV know-how package quotation

demonstrated on the example below


Conversion of Ru Powder To Ruthenium Chloride RuCl3


The HEV quotation comprise delivery of all necessary process know-how to a buyer

for the conversion of 5 kg ruthenium powder per batch to an aqueous ruthenium chloride (RuCl3) solution of different concentration,

herein after called the PROCESS, .


The know-how comprise the sections

ü     melting ruthenium powder

ü     distillation of ruthenium tetroxide RuO4

ü     conditioning of the received aqueous solutions

ü     the process know-how does not include any necessary equipment


The final product RuCl3

is an aqueous solution of variable concentration appropriate for the customers use.

The process requires comprehensive specific equipment which is purchased by the buyer in accordance to HEV's specification.

The process is carried out in accordance with HEV's process description.

Moreover the conversion process needs the following utility plants

ü     water jet vacuum system

ü     cooling water

ü     chlorine supply and scrubber

ü     waste water treatment

ü     offgas treatment



The price of the know-how package including the necessary documentation is subject to negotiation

and is beside the know-how fee related to the amount of work allocated to the structure of basic process engineering items

ü     flow sheet

ü   material balance

ü   equipment specification

ü     process documentation


The erection of a production plant

for the conversion of 5 kg ruthenium powder per batch to an aqueous ruthenium chloride comprise two phases:

(A) process engineering and know-how transfer; phase A is in the focus of a HEV quotation

(B) plant setup and commissioning; HEV may provide support on the engineering of the utility systems too, on demand if necessary on the base of an additional remuneration scheme to be negotiated separately.



All oral or written communication with respect to the PROCESS documentation must be treated as strictly confidential towards third parties.

HEV may disclose that process know-how for ruthenium refining was delivered to the buyer.

The PROCESS may be used by the buyer and its subsidiaries on the sites of the buyers premises.

The buyer and its subsidiaries are not entitled to sell said confidential information to third parties.

Coworkers of the buyer and its subsidiaries are obliged to sign a non-disclosure document in order to protect the know-how and prevent proliferation.

The parties shall have no obligation hereunder to such confidential information disclosed by the other party, which they can demonstrate that it was in the public domain at the time of disclosure, enters the public domain through the issuance of patents, publications or otherwise in a manner not involving any breach by the party that received the confidential information.


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