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since 1995 HEV process and business consulting

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1995 foundation of HEV

Halwachs Edelmetallchemie und Verfahrenstechnik / Gelnhausen
Technologieberatung, Schwerpunkt Edelmetallrecycling
Herstellung von Chemiekalienspezialitäten

1994-1995 production head of a platinum group metals refinery
and associated engineering and research and development departments at W.C.Heraeus in Hanau

1988-95 development and delivery of basic and detail engineering of a green field platinum group metals refinery for Gold Fields of South Africa in the Republic of South Africa comprising gold-, silver-, and pgm-refining technology as well as all necessary support systems.

1988-92 W.C.Heraeus site in Hanau
pgm refinery concept, development of process, basic and detail engineering
and erection of the most modern (till 1995) platinum group metals refinery in the world at the .
The process separates and refines platinum, palladium, rhodium, iridium, ruthenium, osmium, gold and silver from primary pgm ore concentrates and secondary industrial sources comprising state-of-the-art environmental technology .
budgeting, rentability calculations, realization

1989 W.C.Heraeus in Hanau, senior manager
manager engineering and r&d
development and performance of several large sized engineering projects , 15 to 50 M EUR
technical and commercial negotiations on an international level
process and plant engineering, procurement and maintanance
project management; technical controlling
costs structure analysis and optimization

1985-88 ARGOR HERAEUS plant in Mendrisio/Switzerland
conception of production technology, plant lay-out and engineering of one of the most modern and efficient gold and silver refineries in the world in cooperation with the Union Bank of Switzerland

1983-85 W.C.Heraeus in Hanau, head of r&d of several departments
chemical reaction engineering
precious metal chemistry and technology; process design
responsable for R&D precious metal recycling
classical gold and silver refining; electrowinning ; several patents
classical and enhanced platinum and palladium refining from catalyst recycling
precious metal chemicals and plating compounds
solvent extration process development for the separation of platinum group metals
electrochemical engineering for the recovery of precious metals from spent liquors
electrowinning of precious metals
recycling of spent autocat and electronic scrap
environmental process technologies

fine chemicals development
synthesis of precious metal compounds for the chemical industry
synthesis of cytostatic precursor material
synthesis of rare metal chemicals for the semiconductor industry
synthesis of organometallic chemicals for homogeneous catalysis and for wear resistive coatings in pilot plant scale

1981-1983 Nukem GmbH / Hanau, head of several departments
nuclear chemistry and nuclear process engineering
hydrometallurgy of uranium; volumen reduction of nuclear waste
engineering adaption of a BNFL uranium conversion plant3O8  ->  UF6

1981 University of Hannover, appointment as as extraordinary professor
im Fachgebiet Technische Chemie über das Thema Reaktivextraktion (Chemische Verfahrenstechnik)
am Institut für Technische Chemie bei Prof.Dr.Karl Schügerl

1976-1981 University of Hannover
university assistent, group head
education of students on chemical engineering

1974-1976 University of Hannover, PHD degree
bioengineering, reaction engineering on immobilized enzymes
sponsored by Chemiefonds for top students

1969-1974 Universities of Clausthal und Hannover / Lower Saxony, GERMANY
master degree in chemistry

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today and/or later we are prepared to be your consulting specialist on precious metals refining, solvent extraction and industrial engineering; we offer:
  ·  know-how, basic & detail engineering on the refining of Au Ag Pt Pd Rh Ir Ru Os Re
  ·  upgrade of pgm facilities in base metal plants
  ·  material flow optimization in chemical and metallurgical plants
  ·  strategy development, feasibility studies, reorganization
  ·  cost assessment, independent neutral cost analysis, cost reduction management
  ·  refining services; support on refining contracts, sampling supervision, monitoring
  ·  selected chemicals for the refining of gold, palladium and rhodium
  ·  selected chemicals for the trace reclaiming of platinum, palladium and iridium

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