we are active in different business areas of the precious metals refining cycle focussed on consulting

HEV working structure


Support for Sino-Platinum Metals Resources / Yimen, CHINA
on process improvement for the recovery of platinum, palladium and rhodium from spent catalytic converters


Cooperation with Cendres+Metaux SA/ Biel/Bienne, Switzerland
basic planning and process engineering of the precious metal refinery plant as part of the new factory of Cendres+Metaux SA in Lyss


Cooperation with Specialized Marine Survey Est. SMSE/ Jordan
marketing recycling of spent catalytic converters from the middle east


Cooperation with Boliden / Finland
consulting/sourcing of precious metal containing base metal concentrates


Cooperation with K.A.Rasmussen / Norway
refining of consumer silver scrap; engineering of tailored electrolytic silver refining


Cooperation with Berzelius / Stolberg
on the upgrade of silver refining from primary lead production


Shirpur Gold Mumbai / India
assesment and improvement of an electrolytic gold refinery


Cooperation with Berzelius / Stolberg
on the upgrade of silver refining from primary lead production


Capella Manufacturing Buxton UK
Consulting on the improvement of a silver electrolysis, electrolyte cleaning and recovery


HEV launched cooperation with Jordan company SMSE
on the refining of spent catalytic converters


Solar Applied Materials Technology / Taiwan
assesment on the improvement and extension of a pgm refining plant


Cooperation with ZEOCHEM AG / Switzerland
on the production of HPZ (high performance zeolites)


Gold Field Refinery Bangkok Thailand
improving an electrolytic gold refinery, allocation of losses


Cooperation with K.A.Rasmussen / Norway
several engineering and know-how projects on the refining of platinum group metals


FHG ISC Wuerzburg Germany
Assesment study of a SiBNC pilot plant for the manufacture of ceramic fibres


Cooperation with Boliden / Finland
engineering and know-how project on the optimization of the copper anode slime refining plant


Cooperation with ZEOCHEM AG / Switzerland
on the upgrade of the zeolite and silica gel operations


Cooperation with Sandomet Industries has been terminated
due to ordinary fraud.


Projects & Equipments Corporation Dubai
Assesment of setting up a gold refining plant in Fujairah


Cooperation with HOFSTETTER Umwelttechnik has been terminated
The offer of the swiss manufacturer of flares and combustible air treatment plants has been removed from this marketing platform.


Cooperation with ROUSSELET ROBATEL has been terminated
The offer of the french manufacturer of centrifuges has been removed from this marketing platform.


HEV launched cooperation with Malaysian company Sandomet Industries Sdn. Bhd. on recycling and marketing of platinum, palladium and rhodium (pgm) bearing autocatalyst scrap (spent catalytic converters).


Get your free stoichíometric calculator on page technology.htm
Useful tool (DOS, 56 kB) for calculation of formula weight and material balance involved in a chemical reaction. Free use is limited to the running quarter; but you are free to download the tool again after expiry.


Allgemeine Pforzheim Germany
Assesment study of precious metal plant in Istanbul Turkey


OMG dmc2 Hanau Germany
Removal of ruthenium from refinery process liquors


OMG dmc2 Hanau Germany
Assesment and feasebility study on alternatives of a nitric acid based gold refining plant


HEV represents HOFSTETTER AG / Hindelbank Switzerland in Germany
Hofstetter plant, konzipiert, entwickelt und baut Anlagen zur Behandlung verbrennbarer Gasemissionen aus industriellen und biologischen Prozessen. Eigene Produkte, ergänzt mit Fremdprodukten, geben dem Kunden eine optimale Gesamtlösung aus einer Hand. Hofstetter verfügt über Spezialkenntnisse in den Bereichen
Verbrennungstechnik, Sicherheitstechnik und Explosionsschutz. 


HEV starts web service by own domain www.halwachs.de
followed later by www.haltech.de,
www.catalytic-converters.com, www.spent-catalytic-converter.com
www.platinum-group-metals.com, www.pgm-refining.de, www.karat-gold-scrap.com
www.bio-chemicals.de, www.industrial-chemicals.de, www.industrial-enzymes.com, www.metal-chemicals.de, www.surplus-chemicals.de, www.surplus-chemicals.com, www.pharma-chemicals.de


HEV and ROBATEL sign sales representation agreement for major parts of Germany. ROBATEL is the leading french manufacturer of centrifuges for the chemical and pharma industry in F-69741 Genas,


Cooperation with METALOR / Switzerland
Feasebility study and outline planning on the refining of platinum goup metals mine concentrate


HEV found by Prof.Dr.Werner Halwachs
located in D-63571 Gelnhausen; business areas are
1. consulting on precious metals know-how, engineering and services
2. marketing and production of selected fine chemicals
3. marketing of spent catalytic converters
4. sales representation of foreign high-tech companies in the area of solvent extraction and centrifugation

IPMI acknowlegement

HEV •  Halwachs Edelmetallchemie und Verfahrenstechnik
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