Precious Metals Refining
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green field plant engineering /complete refineries
platinum group metals refining from matte concentrates
gold refining from mine gold
gold and silver refining from carat gold
platinum and platinum/rhenium refining from spent reforming catalysts
palladium refining from spent carbon catalysts
silver refining from spent chemical catalysts (ethylen oxide process catalyst)

chemical and metallurgical process know-how
separation and refining of platinum, palladium, rhodium, iridium, ruthenium, osmium, gold,
  silver, rhenium and germanium
solvent extraction for the separation and refining of platinum, palladium, iridium and rhodium
aqua regia gold refining of mine gold, jewellery gold and dental scrap
  (classical and improved process)
gold refining by solvent extraction - the HAUREX process
refining of platinum, rhodium, iridium from spent catalyst gauzes, bushings etc.
recycling of platinum, palladium from spent Pt/C and Pd/C active carbon catalysts
highly selective rhodium precipitation by an organic agent from main stream refining liquors
  or separation of Rh traces from PtPdIr bearing liquors
  (highly selective against PtPdIrAu, CuNiPb; no salination of liquors; dissolvable precipitate)
recycling of spent autocats by the submerged arc furnace process
reactive smelting for the activation of precious metal residues, scraps and sweeps
platinum, palladium, iridium trace precipitation (effluent values recovery)
  by organic ligand from spent main stream process liquors after aqua regia treatment
  and classical PtPd salt precipitation process
  (no salination of liquors; precipitate to incineration)
recovery of palladium and platinum trace values from pgm refinery effluents
  by solvent extraction
patent DE 38 27 605 C1 silver chloride reduction
substitution of chlorine in precious metal refining - reduction of risc potential

chemical process basic engineering
basic and detail engineering in precious metal refining
process and instrumentation control equipment in precious metal refining
production equipment in precious metal refining
precious metals process effluent and offgas treatment

electrochemical process know-how and engineering
electrowinning plants for chlorine-free production of platinum sponge
patent DE 42 27 179 C1 electrowinning of pgm from chloride medium
electrowinning plants for chlorine-free production of rhodium sponge
electrowinning cells/plant for silver (Möbius type)
electrowinning cells/plant for gold (gold inventory less than in Wohlwill process)

fine chemicals production
precious metal chemicals
cis- and carbo-platinum
electronic chemicals

calculate the value of your PtPdRh scrap
download a chemical calculator for laboratory use and production (chemcalc.exe, 56 kB, virus free)

how can we help you ?

we can be your consulting specialist on precious metals refining, solvent extraction and industrial engineering, offering:
•  know-how, basic & detail engineering on the refining of Au Ag Pt Pd Rh Ir Ru Os Re
•  upgrade of pgm facilities in base metal plants
•  material flow optimization in chemical and metallurgical plants
•  strategy development, feasibility studies, reorganization
•  cost assessment, independent neutral cost analysis, cost reduction management
•  refining services; support on refining contracts, sampling supervision, monitoring
•  selected chemicals for the refining of gold, palladium and rhodium
•  selected chemicals for the trace reclaiming of platinum, palladium and iridium

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